Why business headshots should be top of your New Year ‘to do’ list

Confidence booster

If you have headshots that you like and which make you feel good about yourself and your personal brand, there will be another big bonus – and that’s self confidence. In business, the importance of self confidence can’t be underestimated – it allows you to perform at your best and reach your potential. Headshots that put a spring in your step will not only boost your confidence but give you an injection of motivation as well and fire you up for the year ahead – perfect to shake off those January blues and get the year off to a good start.


Be eye-catching

This is a time of year when many people start to review their suppliers, ongoing projects and budgets ready for the new financial year. If you have brand spanking new business headshots that jump off the screen and catch the attention of prospective clients, you’ll put yourself at the top of the pile when it comes to quotes for new projects or bids. On LinkedIn you also have the option to notify all your contacts when you make a change to your profile, such as your headshot. This is a great way to remind your clients who you are and put yourself front of mind with your eye catching new look.

Set the tone for the year

A new look for your business headshots can set the tone of your own marketing for the year ahead. Perhaps you want to target a slightly different audience this year, or your goal is to secure yourself some keynote speaking engagements at conferences and events. Even a subtle shift in the look of your headshots can help you achieve these goals – you can appear more authoritative, more approachable, less stuffy; whatever it is you have in mind. This can help to inform a wider marketing strategy, help to create a new personal brand, or help to trial new avenues or areas of business.

best business headshots

New year, new job

This is also the time of year when many people review their own career path and goals and decide the time is right for a new challenge. If you’ve decided to put the feelers out for potential new opportunities, your LinkedIn profile is going to be a key place to start. You need to see this as your online CV, so if you have a headshot that’s too dark, not in focus, or has other people cropped out of it, you’re not making the top first impression that’ll get you ahead of the competition. How can you make your headshot stand out and show who you are so that employers are keen to meet you rather than the next guy? You wouldn’t go to an interview not dressed the part, so why should you accept a sloppy looking headshot? We can sort you out right here.

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