5 Tweaks to Look More Influential in your Business Headshots

I chatted to our cool Brighton photographer, Lauren, to find out her top five tweaks to really nail your business and LinkedIn head shots and look influential. She tells us:

“Presenting yourself like the rock star you are online is essential in business, whether you’re trying to get that first graduate job, looking for a promotion or setting up your own business. You can bet that most employers now look up potential employees online before inviting them for interview, so you really want to get those head shots spot on. Here are some killer tweaks you can make.

Be different

There are tons of photographers who will take standard corporate headshots for you in a studio with flash lighting and a white background. They can look great if done well. But more often than not you will end up looking stiff and will struggle to get your personality across. Instead, choose a photographer who works outdoors using natural light and interesting backdrops. We bet the results will make you stand out from the crowd.


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Be relevant

The benefit of working outdoors is you can use the backdrop in your images to tell the story of your personal brand. If you’re looking to get into the creative industries you can choose a colourful urban location. If you’re in a more formal field such as finance or law, a beautiful modern glass building might hit the right tone. And if you’re all about the outdoors, head to a park and get lots of greenery into your images.

Channel that vibe

One thing your photographer can’t control in your photos is how you feel about yourself. If you’ve just lost a client or missed a big deadline, that’s not the vibe you want to project in your business headshots. Instead, before and during your shoot you want to be thinking about the last time you absolutely nailed it at work. Think about how you felt when you won that pitch, or made a customer really happy, and channel that energy into your photo shoot.


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Know what you want

A good photographer will be able to work with you during your shoot to draw out your style. But it’s a good idea to do your homework first and have a browse at some headshots you like, and perhaps some you don’t. Send your photographer some links or bring along some cut outs. This will be great inspiration for your photographer so that you’ll get exactly what you need for your pics.

Dress it up

Use your outfit to target the right audience. How formal or casual do you need to be? If you’re seeking that perfect job in fashion, film or design, chances are that a suit isn’t going to help you stand out much. And if you’re looking to be the CEO of a big corporate, you’d best avoid rocking up to your headshot shoot in your favourite band T-shirt.”