So what’s our story?

Hello, I’m Saskia and I run Hey Tuesday – the UK’s rebellious little business headshot company. We are passionate about putting the personality back into your business headshots.

Saskia Nelson
LinkedIn headshots

Thanks for stopping by, you’re in good hands. I’ve been credited by Time magazine for creating the genre of dating photography and I’m recognised as the leading industry expert in the UK & US on all things dating photo related after setting up the UK’s first and coolest dating photography business, Hey Saturday.

I set up Hey Tuesday after getting lots of requests from clients for business headshots as well as dating photos. Hey Tuesday creates headshots for people who want more than just the standard headshots. They want more personality, warmth and depth in their shots.

Our clients are entrepreneurs, small business owners, creatives, designers, artists, bloggers, therapists, CEOs – anyone who is the face of their business. Or people who are part of the visual generation and know that if they want to get ahead they need cool, dynamic Linkedin headshots.

If this sounds like you, get in touch here for a chat or head here to check out our three business packages.

Meet The Squad

We are an awesome combination of creativity, technical mastery & admin nerdery and together we make a fantastic team. We are all unique & each have our own special quirks & interests but what we have in common are tonnes of passion, talent & experience. We are massively committed to helping our clients enjoy an experience which can often push them right out their comfort zone.

Best Linkedin Photographer

Saskia, founder, squad leader, marketeer, award-winning expert, photographer, blogger & chief tea-maker

Inspiring entrepreneurs: Nick Onken & Shonda Rhimes 

Favourite business tip: Embrace your quirks (same as my favourite dating tip). They are what will make your business unique & authentic. Ultimately it will help you create your niche.

Secret talent: I can hold my own in a Muay Thai boxing ring

Latest obsessions: NYC, Soundcloud & Blavity

Favourite brands: Big Gay Ice Cream, Johnny Cupcakes, Hiut Denim Co & Mama Shelter

Tuesdays are for…. making cool, new business connections on LinkedIn

LinkedIn photographer

Nicole, kick-ass photographer, London

Inspiring entrepreneurs: Saskia Nelson for realising her vision & turning her passion into a successful, unique & fun business.

Favourite business tip: How you make people feel after they meet you is more important than what you say. Their experience with you becomes your business card.

Secret talent: Solving murder mysteries half-way through the movie

Latest obsessions: Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries on Netflix

Favourite brands: Apple, Converse & Cineworld

Tuesdays are for….trying (& usually failing) to win the pub quiz


Rachel,kick-ass photographer, Edinburgh

Inspiring entrepreneurs: Jasmine Star and Brewdog

Favourite business tip: Attitude is the difference between a set-back and an adventure

Secret talent: Guessing what’s inside my Christmas presents before opening them

Latest obsessions: Zentangle, sea glass and making beach crafts

Favourite brands: Pinterest, Ikea and Irn Bru

Tuesdays are for….taking your business up a notch and booking Hey Tuesday

business headshots

Polly, kick-ass photographer, London

Inspiring entrepreneurs: Richard Branson, Barefoot Doctor, Bruce Poon Tip

Favourite business tip: Be yourself, love what you do, always look for where you can add value

Secret talent: Life coach

Latest obsessions: Immersive theatre, good British TV drama, finding street photography locations

Favourite brands: Apple, Wahaca, All Saints, Camper and Hey Saturday!

Tuesdays are for….following up on leads


Lauren, marketing whiz & kick-ass photographer, Brighton

Inspiring entrepreneurs: Adam Kemeny, who came up with his amazing business Photobot – which supplies talking photo booths for events – kind of by accident

Favourite business tip: Find what you love doing then find a way to make a living from it

Secret talent: Making banana pancakes

Latest obsessions: National Theatre Live – so cool to be able to watch plays in the cinema

Favourite brands: Small Batch Coffee, Byron Burgers, New Balance

Tuesdays are for….mindfulness meditation


Kate, kick-ass photographer, London

Inspiring entrepreneurs: Oprah Winfrey, J.K. Rowling, Richard Branson

Favourite business tip: Be passionate about what you do and be mindful of how you interact with others

Secret talent: Speaking Spanish

Latest obsessions: The Kindness Diaries, The OA, etymology

Favourite brands: Apple, Cadbury

Tuesdays are for….being focused, mostly.

business headshots

Giles, head of nerd admin, London

Inspiring entrepreneurs: Alexander McQueen, Youth, Dame Kelly Holmes, Tony Wilson & Simon Parkes

Favourite business tip: Without people, we’re nothing.

Secret talent: Former cellist

Latest obsessions: Supporting local businesses

Favourite brands: Ace Hotel

Tuesdays are for… getting your killer business headshots, of course!

Jessica, kick-ass photographer, Brighton & Hove

Inspiring entrepreneurs: Saskia Nelson, Arianna Huffington & The Eames

Favourite business tip: To make lists; lots & lots of lists

Secret talent: I’m freakishly strong & good at dancing

Latest obsessions: Origami, rainbows & creative garden sheds

Favourite brands: Vans, Chronicle Books & Apple

Tuesdays are for…. getting it done!