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Do you want to come across as approachable, confident and likeable in business? Then you’re in the right place. Leave those old-school, corporate headshots behind and enter the world of Hey Tuesday where we put the personality back into business headshots.

It’s so easy to book a shoot.

Step 1: choose one of our headshot packages

Step 2: choose a date & location that works for you

& bob’s your uncle, hit book now and you’re away.

NB // If you’re a company looking for headshots that stand out from the corporate crowd for your staff team, hit us up here and let me know the size of the team and a bit more about the kind of shots you’re after and we can create a bespoke package for you.

Business headshots

A. Mini Adventure – £127

What is it they say? Size matters? Not in our book. Our small but perfectly formed Mini Adventure will help you win over hearts and minds in business.

  • up to 30 minutes shooting time
  • one outfit change
  • three of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files
business headshots

B. Big Adventure – £167

The Big Adventure won’t turn you into Don Draper anytime soon, but it’ll make darned sure you get to impress that new headhunter when she checks out your LinkedIn profile. 

  • up to 60 minutes shooting time
  • up to three outfit changes
  • six of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files
business headshots

C. Excellent Adventure – £247

All those headhunters are going to want in on the action when they see the results of our Excellent Adventure. C’mon stop reading and just book it already. 

  • up to 90 minutes shooting time
  • up to five outfit changes
  • ten of the very best images lightly retouched & presented as digital files

Our next shoot dates & locations

social media and business headshots

Hey Tuesday shoots in:


                 Birmingham | Brighton | Bristol | Edinburgh | Liverpool | London  |  Manchester 


Austin | Los Angeles | New York City

If you head here to our big sister site, Hey Saturday, you can check out our next available dates and locations and then book your shoot really easily using our super cool online booking platform.  At the time of booking, just write in the comments box that you’re booking a Hey Tuesday shoot and that will alert your photographer.

 All our photographers have been carefully vetted and fully trained in the new genre of dating photography  (as created by Saskia Nelson) which lends itself well to creating warm, confident business headshots.

***Covid-19 Update***

To our British clients in this current lockdown – we’ve reviewed the Government’s latest rules and we are good to go for socially distant outdoor shoots.

 Any questions, do drop me a line

 In the US, it’s business as usual in New York City and Los Angeles but Austin, TX is on hold for now.

D. Customised Adventure – £?

cool business headshots

(Hang on, before you go… there’s an option D…because there should always be an option D). We left something a bit special until last. If you’re thinking that this all sound great, Saskia, but…

  • ‘I’m really going to struggle to get to that location because I have a lot going on right now’
  • ‘Ooh, I know the perfect spot and it’s right near my place so I could also run in and get changed in the comfort of my own home’
  • ‘I have contacts with a venue that has awesome backdrops that would be right up my street’
  • ‘I love my home and I’d love to have some photos taken there, as there is no better way to showcase my vibe’

… then we hear you. We are now offering you guys the opportunity to book something a bit more bespoke to suit your needs. If you would like to find out more, please email me and let me know:

  • in which of our cities you would like your shoot 
  • if you would like a 60, 90 or 120 minute shoot
  • whereabouts you would like your shoot (if you know)
  • why you would like a customised shoot (I know, I’m super nosy – but it’s useful to know)

I can let you know if I have any questions, then confirm if we can accommodate you and let you know how much that would cost. If you’ve read all the way to here, because you know, it’s cool copy, then thank you, you rock.

Like the sound of this? Drop me a line at