Hey Tuesday speaks to top relationship coach Laura Yates about her personal brand

If you’ve been keeping up with our blog here at Hey Tuesday, you’ll be most likely aware by now that to get ahead in business you need a kick ass personal brand. So we thought we’d get some tips and advice from someone who has absolutely nailed their personal brand (with a little help from Hey Tuesday!) and is out there winning clients because of it. Laura Yates is a relationship coach who helps people bounce back after breakups and heartbreak. She does this via personal coaching, events, her blog and other online content. Laura sat down with Hey Tuesday to give us her insight on personal branding…

business headshots for personal branding

Hey Laura, in your opinion what makes a great personal brand?

“A great personal brand to me is a brand that exudes personality, individuality and is authentic to the person behind it. It’s filled with that person’s ’secret sauce’ and their personal zone of genius. It isn’t try-hard or replicating what someone else is doing. It represents them and who they are. Even if you’re offering the exact same service as someone else, it’s about being completely ‘you’ whilst doing that. This is what will enable you to stand out or attract the right type of clients and customers that are also aligned to your brand. A great personal brand isn’t about trying to appeal to absolutely everyone”.

How have your Hey Tuesday headshots helped you build your personal brand?

“Oh in so many ways! I always get so much amazing feedback on my photos! They’ve helped me to create my website, use on social media, attract clients and for me personally, the shoots themselves give me SO much confidence. I always leave a shoot on a complete high!”

How did you find the Hey Tuesday shoot experience?

“I can’t imagine having more of a fun time on a shoot! Saskia and her team ensure you feel prepped, relaxed and the process isn’t at all stuffy or regimented. I also love the whole creative process behind it – deciding on which type of setting will work best, props and so on. The team are incredibly knowledgeable on locations and what type of clothing will shoot the best whilst also giving you freedom and encouragement to show up in what feels good to you. Photoshoots can often feel extremely awkward but the Hey Tuesday ones just feel completely natural.


I think my favourite shot was one taken in Notting Hill in a retro clothing shop! It came out so well and seeing it when I received the shots back gave me such a confidence boost!”

Why was it important to you to have Hey Tuesday headshots instead of standard corporate style headshots?

“Because of the brand personality. Hey Tuesday shots just add that extra spark that make the photos stand out. And not because they’re over edited in any way but because the team know how to capture you at your best and most natural.”

business headshots for personal branding

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs and freelancers?

“To not do too much ‘research’. Whilst it’s sensible to see if there’s a need for what you’re offering or want to offer, this process can easily take you on tangents of looking too much at what other people are doing and distract you from actually starting – and doing it in your own way. Which is ultimately what will make you stand out and start attracting clients and customers. Just ‘do you’ as they say and find a way to block out the noise of what everyone else is doing!”

To find out more about working with Laura, visit her here. To sprinkle some Hey Tuesday magic into your personal brand, hit us up here.

Interview by Lauren, photos by Saskia.

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