Six apps you should download now to act smarter and feel happier at work

Feeling in control at work reduces stress and anxiety and helps you to perform at the top of your game. So, to help you feel happier by being completely on top of your diary, documents and even your business travel, we have compiled the must-have apps for today’s busy, working professional.


The world’s most successful people all have assistants who do their prep work for them, so why shouldn’t you? Charlie automatically emails you a one page briefing on the bigwig you’re about to meet with, including latest news about their company, their competitors, their recent big moments and even passions and hobbies you didn’t know you shared. The app syncs with your calendar so it knows what meetings you have coming up and can get you prepped in time. To get the information, the app sifts through thousands of pages of social networks, news sites and blogs.


You come across a great article at work, but can’t stop to read it without getting distracted from the task in hand. Then when you want to come back to it later, you can’t remember where you saw it. You can now put it into Pocket and it will be stored in one place for you to read later, even if you’re offline. It’s perfect for lining up your reading material for the train home. You can save from your browser or directly from apps like Twitter and can save pretty much anything – news articles, viral videos or tweets.


It doesn’t look very professional as a business traveller to have to rummage around for confirmation emails, travel documents and reference numbers every time you get to an airport or train station. Make a better impression on travel partners and colleagues by downloading TripIt. This mobile travel planner looks after all your travel documents in one place. You forward your confirmation emails to the app and it transforms your plans into a master itinerary for each trip. You can view the information anywhere, on any device, even when you’re offline. It also gives you instant alerts for delays, cancellations and gate changes.

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Buffer lets you manage all your social media accounts from one dashboard. It’s different from some other apps offering scheduled posts as with Buffer you don’t have to select a time, you can just choose how many times you want to tweet per day or per week. It’s great for analysing the performance of your posts and for getting an overview of how you’re trending across all channels. It’s easy to upload video and images too.

Remember the milk

If you’re a person who loves a ‘to-do’ list, this app is for you. It lets you add tasks and set priorities and then you get reminded by text, email or via the app. You can share your lists and set tasks for other people. It syncs across devices so there’s now really no excuse for forgetting that meeting, work deadline or to pick up the milk on the way home.   


This online meeting tool is a simple, easy and fun way to arrange video conferencing, with cool little video bubbles on screen that you can move around. You can host meetings with up to three people on the free version. It’s also a simple way to organise an audio conference call and you can host meetings via the app when you’re on the move. The best bit is the mobile whiteboard which lets you see what your colleagues are thinking in real time. Now there’s no need to take pics of the whiteboard at work or the brainstorm you’ve just done; it’s all stored in the app.  


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