5 Hacks to Boost your LinkedIn Profile & Turbocharge your Career Prospects

Are you one of those people who’s joined LinkedIn, got some contacts, but doesn’t really know what to do next? A decent LinkedIn strategy can help you connect with potential clients and employers as well as helping to build your personal brand. Here are our top tips for becoming a LinkedIn ninja.

Get a professional photo (that rocks your personal brand)

You wouldn’t go to an interview wearing your Friday night clubbing outfit. But it’s amazing how many people use a photo taken in a bar or on holiday as their LinkedIn profile photo. This is a professional networking site, not Facebook. Having a professional LinkedIn photo makes your profile 14 times more likely to be viewed. So if you’re serious about boosting your career using LinkedIn, book a shoot for professional business headshots pronto.

business headshots

Get recommended

If I’m looking to hire or work with someone, one of the key parts of their LinkedIn profile I’ll check out is their recommendations. This is not a skills endorsement; half the people who endorse you on LinkedIn barely know you. What you really need are personal, written recommendations from past clients, colleagues or managers. Use them to validate what you’re saying about yourself in your LinkedIn profile. Aim for a minimum of five if you can, preferably at least two from each role you’ve had.

Post original content

Get your profile noticed by posting original, engaging, relevant articles. Keep your posts to professional topics such as business advice or challenges you have faced. Doing this regularly allows you to position yourself as an expert in your field and expose your work to potential clients and employers. Getting likes and shares will drive traffic to your LinkedIn profile and get you seen.

Get ‘all star’ status

There are five levels of LinkedIn profile, from beginner to all star. All star LinkedIn users are 40 times more likely to get contacted. Plus only all star profiles can be shared via Twitter and Facebook, giving you further opportunities to get your profile seen. To get an all star profile, make sure all sections are completed and up to date, especially your profile photo. Frequent profile updates also help so refresh your headline and intro text regularly.

Make sure your profile is unique

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, here’s a little trick to make sure your LinkedIn profile stands out. Cut and paste the text from your bio into a word doc, do ‘find and replace’ and every time you mention your business or brand, replace it with the name of your nearest competitor. When you read it back, do you find your words describe your competitor in glowing terms? If this is the case, put some thought into how you can differentiate yourself in the copy you use in your LinkedIn profile.

Written by Lauren Psyk, powered by Hey Tuesday