The 6 Podcasts you Need to Listen to if you Want to Live your Passion in 2017

Making a career out of your passion is one of the most challenging yet rewarding things you can do. Here are six of the best podcasts, as recommended by the Hey Tuesday crew, which feature tips for start ups and entrepreneurs so you can get inspired.

How I Built This

Want to hear how some of the most successful entrepreneurs of recent years made their dreams a reality? Featuring business megastars such as the founders of Instagram and AirBnB, this podcast lets you hear from the horse’s mouth what’s really involved when building a successful start-up. Subscribe here.


Before you take the plunge and ditch the day job, you’d better make sure you have some idea what might be in store. This podcast features tips for start-ups, on topics including how to name your company and how to value your business; some of the tricky challenges you’ll come up against on your journey to start up heaven. Subscribe here.

TED Radio Hour

Based on talks given by speakers on the world renowned TED stage, each show in this series is centred on a common theme, such as the source of happiness or the meaning of work. If you need something a bit broader and less specific to get your creative juices flowing and help you on your road to self discovery, this could be the podcast for you. Subscribe here.

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Nion Radio with Nick Onken

Nick Onken is a fashion photographer, creative entrepreneur and podcast host. His podcast will appeal to you whatever creative industry you’re in, as there are topics including productivity, the creative process and getting your work noticed. If you need help creating your own personal brand, there’ll be something here that interests you. Subscribe here.

Being Boss

If you’re after practical tips, strategies and tools to help you make things happen, stick this podcast at the top of your list. Hosts Emily and Kathleen are experts in branding and coaching for small businesses. Recent episodes include ‘leaving the day job’ and ‘behaving like a boss’ so if you want something to kick you into action, look no further. Subscribe here.

The School of Greatness

Drawing from the worlds of sport, business and celebrity culture, this podcast’s aim is to find out what makes great people great. Host Lewis Howes asks probing questions of A List guests as diverse as champion tennis player Maria Sharapova and legendary rock star Meat Loaf. It’s sure to get you thinking about how their experiences relate to your own life. Subscribe here.