Inspiring Interview with super cool Rebecca Perkins

Successful entrepreneur Rebecca Perkins: “my brand image is strong thanks to Hey Tuesday.”

At Hey Tuesday, we know that visual identity is a crucial part of becoming a successful business owner, and we’re not just talking about a logo. Your visuals form a vital part of your overall brand, and that includes your business headshots. We caught up with Rebecca Perkins, The Midlife Coach, to find out how important photography has been to her brand image, as well as her top tips for business success.

Rebecca, what were you doing before you started your business and what motivated you to start up as The Midlife Coach?

I stayed at home to raise my three children, although I had always coached in an ad hoc way. Friends always called to ask if I had some time to talk through something. I got to the point of looking for something outside the home as the children got older and it seemed the right direction to go in.

Tell us more about what your business offers..

I offer one to one coaching sessions for women (although not exclusively), on issues that are affecting them in midlife. I also run workshops and am planning to run a retreat later this year. People come to me for issues like struggling with an empty nest, they’re going through a divorce and are struggling to come to terms with it, or they might want help, guidance and advice on dating again. Often clients come to me because they have somehow lost a bit of themselves as they’ve got through life and are at a point of wanting to rediscover something about themselves.

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What are your three golden tips for starting out as an entrepreneur?

Allow your business to grow organically, stick at it and step out of your comfort zone!

How important has your visual image been to your success, in particular your business headshots?

I believe my visual image is very strong and Hey Tuesday photos feature prominently on my website. People connect with people and if you’ve got a great visual brand image it’s easier for people to feel they trust you and like you.

I now love my website because of my images and the branding. When you love your website you’re happy to direct people to visit it, right?! I get approached by journalists who have seen my website and felt confident coming to me because it looks so professional and that obviously includes the quality of photographs I’ve included.”

What advice would you give to your younger self?

Don’t take yourself so seriously; it’ll all work out. Enjoy the ride; both the rough and the smooth.

What satisfies you most about your new career?

I love guiding people to live the best life they can; showing them what’s possible even when they’ve lost touch with that. There’s nothing better than seeing the light come on for someone – seeing them blossom. I can’t ever imagine doing anything else!

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